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Pest, Insect and Rodent Control Services in the Sutton Area

Working from offices in Sutton, Sun Pest Control cover all major locations in South West London and Surrey including the neighbouring area of Croydon. We are insect and rodent control specialists providing services for domestic and commercial clients. Sun Pest Control is a fully insured company that guarantees all treatments.


Here, we discuss some of our pest control services in more detail so that clients in Sutton, Croydon and our wider trading area have a clearer understanding of their infestation and the solutions we can provide.

Mouse in Sutton
Rat in Sutton
Two rats in Sutton

Rodent Control Services


Most rodent infestations are caused by rats or mice. Infestations can happen within any property and once rodents are present, they can cause health hazards, contaminate food, transmit disease and damage structures through gnawing.


If you are running a business in Sutton or Croydon, and particularly if you are selling food, your reputation could be ruined forever.


Our rodent control services provide domestic and commercial clients with reassuring solutions no matter how large the infestation may be. Sun Pest Control assist our Sutton and Croydon clients by supporting all rodent control services with rodent proofing measures.


Our rodent control services include:


  • Full internal and external property inspection
  • Checking of rodent access points
  • Ethical use of rodenticide, baits and traps
  • Detailed report of our findings and recommended treatments
  • Ongoing support to prevent future infestations
  • Rodenticide, bait and trap removal after elimination
Cockroach in Croydon
Flea in Croydon
Dead cockroach in Croydon

Insect Control Services


Domestic and commercial property owners in the Sutton, Croydon, Surrey and South West London areas can have insect infestations cleared by Sun Pest Control. Our insect control services alleviate the stress associated with infestations and we have systems in place to tackle flies, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs and fleas.


Insect control reduces the risks of food contamination and losses, property damage and a fall in reputation. A prompt response to insect infestations also cuts down on disease, allergies, food loss, stings and bites.


Our insect control services include:


  • Full Inspection to locate the source of the infestation
  • Recommendation of the best insect control treatment
  • Complete removal of insects from your property
  • Ongoing advice to help stop future infestations
Close up of wasp
Wasps nest in Croydon
Wasp in Croydon

Wasp Nest Removal


Did you know that a single nest on your Sutton or Croydon property could result in as many as 30,000 wasps each year? When threatened, wasps can be highly aggressive so trying to undertake a wasp nest removal yourself is particularly dangerous. If you are prone to anaphylactic reactions, a wasp sting could be potentially fatal.


Sun Pest Control provide controlled wasp nest removal services using ethical treatments and protective clothing. If you have noticed an increase in wasp activity around your Sutton or Croydon home, we’ll provide a rapid response to eliminate the problem.

Our wasp nest removal services include:


  • Full internal and external inspection of your property
  • Use of insecticide and professional equipment to destroy the nest
  • Wasp infestations cleared in a single visit
  • Second visits available for removal of the nest
  • 100% guarantee on wasp nest removal services for the entire year
Squirrel with nuts in Croydon
Pigeons in Croydon
Squirrel in Croydon

Other Pest Control Services


In addition to rodent control, insect control and wasp nest removal services, clients in the Sutton, Croydon, Surrey and South West London areas can use Sun Pest Control for a full range of supporting services that include the following:


  • Bird control
  • Squirrel control
  • Textile insect control
  • Stored product insect control
  • Pigeon proofing
  • Pigeon guano cleaning

Get a fast response for pest control problems in Sutton, Croydon and all surrounding areas, by contacting us now on (0208) 770 1115.

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